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The Role of Facebook in the Egyptian Revolution

Posted by Lisa K. on May 19, 2011

“While commentators such as Brian Solis and myself have argued against the off-hand dismissal of social media by Malcolm GladwellEvgeny Morozov and Will HeavenJeff Jarvis and Jay Rosen made the sobering point that it’s silly to argue the issue in absolutist terms. Rosen argues “Factors are not causes,” and insists that social media was neither fully responsible for the revolution in Egypt nor irrelevant, and that social transformation is far more complex involving a high degree of mystery.”

You should read the full article by Simon Mainwaring, but don’t just read it, consider the the case and compare the events to local examples of how social media has affected our lives.  I agree with Jay Rosen that social was neither the cause nor irrelevant.  And yes, this is a large, public example, but how are you using social?  What parallel’s can you draw between your business case and the Egypt peace protest?

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